Audi A3

since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
- Engine electric equipment
   + System of electronic control by ignition and injection
   - Charge and start systems
      Storage battery
      Removal and installation of the storage battery
      Check of the storage battery
      The generator - general information and security measures
      Check of the established generator
      Removal and generator installation
      Check and replacement of brushes of the generator and tension regulator
      Starter - general information
      Check of system of start of the engine
      Removal and starter installation
      Check, removal and installation of the traction relay of a starter
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Elektroskhema


Removal and installation of the storage battery


The storage battery is in an impellent compartment, behind the left headlight.

As a result of a detachment of the storage battery the memories given from some electronic blocks, for example, from memory of malfunctions of a control system by the engine and transmissions, and also anti-blocking system are erased. Before a detachment of the battery it is necessary to consider data of blocks of memory on HUNDRED AUDIS. If these malfunctions are shown as a result of further movement of the car, they again register in memory.

Automatic equipment of electric window regulators after connection of the storage battery should become more active again.

Serially established radio receivers have so security blocking. It interferes with unauthorized using the device if its power supply was interrupted. Power supply interrupts not only at a detachment of the storage battery, and also at removal of a radio receiver or if the radio receiver safety lock failed.

If the radio receiver is coded, before shutdown of the storage battery it is necessary to establish a radio tape recorder code. If the code is not known, the radio receiver can be included on HUNDRED AUDIS, address also to subsection Input of a code of a radio receiver.

Before shutdown of the storage battery write down settings of the radio transmitters written down in memory.

If it is supposed to replace the battery:

– Whenever possible, apply the modern storage battery with central the gazootvody. Thus the gases which are forming in batteries, are taken away through a hose.

1–at service of the accumulator it is necessary to observe rules according to the safety measures, stated in the operation manual.
2–in the accumulator there is a corroding acid and it is necessary to be careful, that acid did not spill from the accumulator.
3–do not use open fire about the accumulator.
4–at work with the accumulator use goggles.
5–keep the accumulator in a place inaccessible to children.
6–at utilization the accumulator hand over only in the points intended for this purpose.
7–do not throw out the accumulator together with household garbage.
8–the gases allocated at a battery charging, are explosive

– If the battery with ventilated jams nevertheless is established, watch that jams were protected by a plastic cover from water splashes.


1. Switch off ignition.
2. Open a cowl.
3. Remove a protective cover of the battery (And), having opened for this purpose a clip.
4. Open a cover of the main block of safety locks (In) forward. For this purpose compress at the left and on the right lock levels at a cover (arrow).
5. Disconnect a negative cable of the storage battery (–) and take him aside. For this purpose weaken a nut–1–(a key of 10 mm).
6. Unscrew a nut–2–(a key of 10 mm). Disconnect the main block of safety locks in front and behind from the battery and remove.
7. Disconnect a positive cable (+) batteries for what unscrew a nut–3–(a key of 10 mm). 4–safety locks.
8. Unscrew bolts of fastening of a plate of fastening at the battery basis (the shooter on an accompanying illustration) and take out.
9. Displace the battery aside from a plate of fastening and take out. The plate is opposite to the removed holder.
10. Check, whether are switched off ignition and all consumers of a current, if necessary switch off them.

At installation of the storage battery watch that the hose central газоотвода was not pressed. Only this way it is possible to guarantee that the batteries which were formed at a charge gases will be taken freely away through a gazootvodny hose. On an illustration that battery which is established in AUDI A3 is shown not.
(The arrow on an illustration) is in hose accession protection against ignition which interferes with fire of the hydrogen which is allocating from the battery through a gazootvodny hose. Therefore it is not necessary to delete a gazootvodny hose.

11. Insert the battery in the holder–1–.


At installation of the battery watch that a pad of the holder of the battery (the arrow on an illustration) entered into a groove of a basic level–1–. After that it is not necessary to displace the battery to the left or to the right.

12. The battery is established correctly if the central groove of a basic level of the battery coincides with a carving opening.
13. At the battery with a hose for central газоотвода watch that the hose was not pressed and nothing interfered with decontamination process.
14. At batteries without a hose for central газоотвода watch that the opening at the top party of a cover was not littered.
15. Establish the holder–2–on the block-4-for fastening of the battery and fix a bolt – 3 – the moment of 20 N of m (1 – a basic arm).
16. Check reliability of installation of the battery, having moved it in different directions. If the battery sits not strongly, term of its service will be reduced. Safety Besides, will decrease at blow.
17. Establish into place a heat-shielding casing if he acted in film.

Because of the wrong connection of the storage battery serious damages can be caused to the generator and electric devices.

18. Attach a positive cable to a positive pole (+), the moment of an inhaling of 6 N of m.

press the plug carefully not to damage the battery case. It is impossible to grease battery poles.
The negative cable joins only after installation of the holder of safety.

19. Establish on the battery the holder of safety, thus a current carrying plate put on a bolt of fastening of the positive plug of the battery.
20. Fix a collar of a clip of the holder of safety at the battery.
21. Tighten a bolt of fastening of a current carrying plate on the positive plug (+).
22. Connect safety locks to electric wires and fix.
23. Join the multicontact socket.
24. Attach a negative cable (–) and fix the moment of 6 N • m.

press the plug carefully not to damage the battery case. It is impossible to grease battery poles.

25. If it is necessary program a radio receiver, thus address to subsection Input of a code of a radio receiver.
26. Establish hours.
27. Speed up automatic work of electric window regulators.
28. Lock the car outside through a door of the driver or the forward passenger. Watch that all doors and windows were completely closed.
29. Open the car and again close it. Thus a key keep at least 1 with in the provision of closing.

If there is any malfunction in work of electric window regulators, lighting in the doorway blinks.

The remark for the storage battery with ventilated jams
30. If it is possible, establish only the storage battery with central the gazootvody.
31. At the storage battery, the type shown on an illustration, with ventilated and turned-out jams it is necessary to establish over jams plastic covers for protection against water penetration, and also electrolit following and promoting corrosion.

For the battery with central gazootvody (flat jams turned out only by means of a screw-driver) these covers are not necessary.

Acquisition of the new storage battery

Probably, the most important, on what the buyer should pay attention, are characteristics of the accumulator. Their three. The first – rated voltage, it at all batteries identical, and it is impossible to be mistaken. Upon purchase it is desirable to check the accumulator a loading fork. The second – the capacity measured in ampere/hours (And/h), means, roughly speaking, the quantity of the electric power which is storing in the accumulator. On capacity depends, as it is long possible to twist a starter the engine, is more exact – how many it is possible to make attempts of start of the engine. The price of the accumulator is almost directly proportional to its capacity. And the third characteristic – a starting current (it is measured in amperes. А), i.e. a current submitted on a starter during start-up. On accumulators it can specify on four different systems: GOST (on domestic), EN (a standard of Uniform Europe), SAE (the American standard) and DIN. The last, German standard, is closest to our state standard specification and on the majority of the European is put "by default" i.e. when the system of a standard is not specified. The it is more, the quicker and with bigger force the starter will turn the engine.

It is better, if you buy the accumulator with those characteristics which are specified in the maintenance instruction of your car: so it will serve to you more long at the minimum expenses. It is possible to save and buy the accumulator of smaller capacity, but it will serve you less usual term and it is bad to cope with winter start. Having bought the battery even not much more bigger capacity, you will not win in service life since constant недозаряд the accumulator will lead to a sulfatatsiya of plates, and will lose in money. To be fond of the raised starting current also does not follow: will burn a starter. Replace oil in the engine better, and problems with start will not be.

Lately the market of the country is overflowed with the poor-quality goods and fakes. Accumulators are not an exception. There are some signs on which it is possible with sufficient accuracy to distinguish the original from a fake. The first and, perhaps, main thing: on the accumulator the country manufacturer and letting-out plant should be surely specified, it is better, if with the address. The second – manufacturing date that is very important, if the accumulator filled in should be specified. Technical data sheet, and here existence of the instruction should be applied to each battery it is unessential. It is connected with that in the West accumulators almost do not sell at retail, they are established by experts at service stations. The third – the high-quality accumulator is inconceivable without the high-quality case, good jams and the smooth vyvodny plugs quite often greased with technical protective greasing from oxidation and covered from above with color plastic caps.