Audi A3

since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
- Onboard electric equipment
   Electric equipment of system of comfort
   Diagnostics of malfunctions of onboard electric equipment - the general information
   Check of the electric motor of a screen wiper
   Check of warmed back glass
   Stoplight check
   Removal, installation and check of a sound signal
   Safety locks
   Fusible inserts - the general information
   Chain breakers (thermal relays)
   Replacement of batteries of a key of remote control
   Replacement of a battery/lamp of a natural with illumination
   Anticreeping blocking
   Lighting devices
   Replacement of lamps of external lighting
   Replacement of bulbs of internal lighting
   Removal and headlight installation
   Removal and installation of the electric motor of adjustment of range of light
   Removal and installation of the forward index of turn
   Removal and installation of a back lamp
   Adjustment of light of headlights
   Removal and installation of a control panel
   Removal and installation of the podrulevy switch
   Removal and installation of switches and lamps
   Removal, installation and radio receiver coding
   Input of a code of a radio receiver
   Removal and loudspeaker installation
   Removal and installation of the aerial of a roof
   Additional installation of a radio telephone on in a special way prepared models
   Removal and installation of the electric motor of a forward screen wiper
   Removal and installation of the lever and electric motor of a back screen wiper
   Removal and installation of a cleaner of back glass
   Removal and tank installation with the pump of a stekloomyvatel
   Elements темпостата
+ Elektroskhema


Onboard electric equipment



General parameters

Separate characteristics are provided also in the text of Head and in case of obligation of their performance are allocated with a bold print

Filament lamps 12 B

For possibility of replacement of a lamp at any time it is necessary to have always with itself in the car a box with the most important spare lamps.

Appointment: Type Capacity, W
Passing beam Н7 55
Driving beam (without fog lights) Н1 55
Driving beam (with fog lights) Н4 55
Parking light forward Steklyankny socle 5
Turn signal forward (yellow lamps) Bayonet joint 21
Lateral repeater of turn Steklyankny socle 5
Back lamp Bayonet joint 10
Stoplight / back dimension Bayonet joint 21/5
Turn signal the back Bayonet joint 21
Back foggy lamp Bayonet joint 21
Backing lamp Bayonet joint 21
Illumination of registration plate Spotlights 5
Additional stoplight (10 pieces) Steklyankny socle 2.3
Illumination of a luggage carrier (2 pieces) Steklyankny socle 5
Lamp of illumination of reading (2 pieces) Steklyankny socle 5
Illumination of salon the forward Spotlights 10
Illumination of salon the back Spotlights 10

Arrangement of the relay and safety locks

The arrangement of the relay and safety locks can differ depending on the equipment of the car and year of manufacturing.

Relays are located on a payment, behind the left cover around an arrangement of feet, under the dashboard. Cars with large volume of the equipment behind a payment of the relay have a box of additional relays.

Relay payment - R-(relays are shown by dark color)

relay No. Consumer
I relay of a sound signal of double tone
II unloading relay of H-contact
III relay of automatic equipment of intervals of a screen wiper
IV relay of the fuel pump or relay of candles of an incandescence
V relay of system of injection of the diesel engine
VI relay of fog lights
A safety lock of electric heating of a seat
B freely
C safety lock of an electric window regulator

Box of additional relays - Z13-over a relay payment

1 Relay of a sound signal
2 Relay of the control device of lamps the back
3 Relay of the control device of lamps the back
4 Monitor of cover of a mirror
5 Monitor of cover of a mirror
6 Dividing relay of phone
7 Freely
8 Freely
9 Freely
10 Freely
11 Relay of blocking of a starter and backing lamp
12 Relay of a faroochistitel
13 Relay of a free wheeling of the fan of a radiator (conditioner)

Main block of safety locks

Arrangement of safety locks of the main block of safety locks

1 S131 Having warmed up incandescence candles (the diesel engine)
2 S132 engine Control system
3 S133 the Fan of cooling liquid 2
4 S134 Salon
5 S138 Generator
1а S162 ABS (hydropump)
2а S163 ABS (valves)
3а S164 the Fan of cooling liquid

Color marking of safety locks

Current, And Color of a safety lock
5 The beige
7.5 The brown
10 The red
15 The dark blue
20 The yellow
25 The white
30 The green

Arrangement of safety locks in a box

The arrangement of safety locks depends on the equipment of the car and year of its release. The arrangement of safety locks is given in a cover of the block of safety locks.

Current, And Safety lock
1 10 Heating snuffled a stekloomyvatel, heating of a mirror of an exterior
2 10 Indexes of turns
3 5 Illumination of a ware box
4 5 Illumination of registration plate
5 7.5 Comfort electric equipment, adjustment of speed, heating of seats, conditioner
6 5 Uniform lock
7 10 Backing lamps
8 5 Phone/telematics
9 5 ABS monitor
10 10 Engine management: petrol engine
11 5 The dashboard block, electromagnet of blocking of the selector for AT
12 7.5 Self-diagnostics power supply, phone, navigation system
13 10 Stoplights
14 10 Illumination of salon, uniform lock
 5 Salon lamp
15 5 The block of the dashboard, AT, automatically blacked out internal mirror
16 10 Electromagnetic coupling, выбег fan of cooling of a radiator, stekloomyvatel
17 7.5 The warmed door lock
18 10 Driving beam right
19 10 Driving beam left
20 10 Passing beam right, adjustment of range of light
21 10 Passing beam left
22 5 Marker and lay light right
23 5 Marker and lay light left
24 20 Screen wiper, water pump
25 25 Fan of fresh air, circulating ventilation, conditioner
26 20 Heating of back glass, mirror heating
27 10 Cleaner of back glass
28 15 Fuel pump
29 15 Engine management: petrol engine
 10 Engine management: diesel engine
30 20 Movable panel of a roof
31 20 Automatic transmission
32 10 Engine management: petrol engine
30  Engine management: diesel engine
33 20 Faroochistitel
34 10 Engine management
35 30 Trailer socket (positive long plus)
36 15 Fog light and foggy lamp
37 10 S-contact, plug 86 (radio)
38 15 Illumination of a luggage carrier, uniform lock, window regulators
39 15 Alarm system
40 20 Sound signal
41 15 Lighter
42 25 Radio receiver
43 10 Engine management
44 15 Seat heating


Safety locks in a box of safety locks are designated from a place 23 on the arrangement number 223 scheme, a safety lock by the 24th number 224 etc.

Other safety locks, and also arrangement of the relay are given in the Section "Electric circuits".

Efforts of a tightening of carving connections

The moments of an inhaling of fixture are given also in the text of Head and on some иллюстрациях*.

*vydelenny in the text a bold print the moments of an inhaling are subject to exact observance; the efforts not allocated with a bold print are given only roughly

Cars of this brand are equipped 12 In electric equipment system with grounding on a negative pole. A food of all lighting devices and electric units is carried out from the battery of lead-acid type recharged from the generator of an alternating current.

This Head is devoted to the description of procedures of service and repair of some components of system of onboard electric equipment to which number all lighting devices and the electric accessories not connected directly with the engine belong except concrete considered below also. Besides, procedures of diagnostics of malfunctions of electric equipment of the general order are considered.

At performance of any works on repair and service of components of system of electric equipment it is necessary to disconnect previously without fail a negative wire from the battery in order to avoid receiving an electrotrauma and/or ignition.