Audi A3

since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
- Onboard electric equipment
   Electric equipment of system of comfort
   Diagnostics of malfunctions of onboard electric equipment - the general information
   Check of the electric motor of a screen wiper
   Check of warmed back glass
   Stoplight check
   Removal, installation and check of a sound signal
   Safety locks
   Fusible inserts - the general information
   Chain breakers (thermal relays)
   Replacement of batteries of a key of remote control
   Replacement of a battery/lamp of a natural with illumination
   Anticreeping blocking
   Lighting devices
   Replacement of lamps of external lighting
   Replacement of bulbs of internal lighting
   Removal and headlight installation
   Removal and installation of the electric motor of adjustment of range of light
   Removal and installation of the forward index of turn
   Removal and installation of a back lamp
   Adjustment of light of headlights
   Removal and installation of a control panel
   Removal and installation of the podrulevy switch
   Removal and installation of switches and lamps
   Removal, installation and radio receiver coding
   Input of a code of a radio receiver
   Removal and loudspeaker installation
   Removal and installation of the aerial of a roof
   Additional installation of a radio telephone on in a special way prepared models
   Removal and installation of the electric motor of a forward screen wiper
   Removal and installation of the lever and electric motor of a back screen wiper
   Removal and installation of a cleaner of back glass
   Removal and tank installation with the pump of a stekloomyvatel
   Elements темпостата
+ Elektroskhema


Adjustment of light of headlights


Adjusting screws of headlights

(the left main headlight is shown, at the right headlight adjusting screws are located specularly)

1–adjustment down 2–adjustment across

1. The correct adjustment of headlights is of great importance for traffic safety of the car. Exact adjustment of headlights is possible only in the presence of the special device. Therefore here only is shown, where headlights are regulated, and what conditions should be executed for the correct adjustment.
2. At adjustment of headlights also fog lights if they are available are regulated.

Adjustment conditions

1. Tires should be pumped up by the established pressure of air.
2. The car should not be loaded. On a seat of the driver cargo in mass of 75 kg (one person) should be located.
3. Fill with fuel a tank, at least for 90 %.
4. Establish the car on an equal platform.
5. Several times strongly press through a forward part of the car down that shock-absorbers of a forward suspension bracket occupied the correct situation.
6. Establish adjustment of range of headlights on „0“.
7. Headlights should be regulated only at a passing beam. The inclination makes for a normal headlight x = 10 cm on 10 m of length. The relation of an inclination is beaten out on the holder of a headlight (1.0 % of 10 cm for 10 m) (With and an arrow).


1. Enter a screw-driver with crosswise shlitsy through openings (А/В) or (1/2) in the holder of the lock.
2. Turn adjusting screws so that to reach correct installation.